4 Sure-Fire Ways To Build Your Confidence

Everyone struggles with confidence and self-esteem from time to time, whether it is because you just started college and are afraid of the new challenges, or you have been having trouble at work due to your own self-doubt. Here are some ways to help build up your confidence and help you succeed.

Face Your Fears

What better what to exude confidence than stand up and face your fears? Facing your fears is often the most difficult way to become more confident, but it is extremely rewarding. Not fearing possible failure and having the courage to give it your best shot, regardless of how scary it might seem, can help you overcome a lot of your self-doubt. Whether or not you succeed doesn't matter; feel good about the fact that you tried at something many others might have shied away from.

Take Good Care of Yourself

There is a reason advice given for many different struggles in life is to be healthy and take care of yourself. Your physical, emotional, and spiritual health is all connected. You need to improve your wellbeing in order to center yourself and find your confidence. Eating right, getting enough exercise, and not ignoring medical issues are all important. You should also look for ways to improve your emotional and spiritual health as well.

Focus on Your Achievements

Are you feeling like you are falling behind at work or struggling with a project? If so, give yourself a minute to think on your past achievements. Everyone has had achievements in their life, whether it is something small like getting your driver's license, or something big like graduating from college. Remember all those times when you tried your hardest and succeeded and what you set out to do. You did it once, and you can do it again. Hold onto that feeling of pride and let it carry you to becoming a more confident person.

Don't Compare Yourself to Others

This is unfortunately something many people do, and also one of the things that will bring you down the most. When you see others doing things you wish you could do, or that you feel you will never accomplish in your life, it is disheartening. Understand that every single person is different and that what you see on the outside might not be reality. Just because someone else seems to have things all figured out, doesn't mean they do. Focus more on your own life and your own goals. Think about those goals and what is required to achieve them, instead of letting yourself get down because you keep your comparing your live to that of others.

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