3 Tips For Finding A Motivational Speaker Your Students Will Listen To

If you are in charge of hiring a motivational speaker for a group of students for a graduation or ceremony, you will want to take the time to find a speaker who is engaging and who your students will want to listen to. While it can be difficult to figure out who you should book, the following tips will help you narrow down your choices:

Hire a Professional

There may be many inspiring members of your community who have interesting stories and good advice to share with young people. However, not all of these people are experienced speaking in front of a crowd, answering questions, or engaging teenagers. A professional speaker with experience speaking to teens will know exactly which stories and tips will benefit your students. They will be able to set the mood with appropriate jokes and give a better presentation than most inexperienced speakers.

Select Someone With a Similar Background to Your Students

If possible, it is a good idea to book a speaker with a similar background to your students. Someone who has faced similar problems as your students with know how to get their interest and have the best advice. For example, if your school is a private school with mostly wealthy students, you will want to hire a speaker who can address the difficulties and opportunities that come with the social class of your students. If your school is rural and has low-income students, find someone who had a similar high school experience. 

Most schools are diverse, so you may not be able to hire someone who reflects each of your students. However, you should make an effort to understand the students who will be at the speech and find someone who the majority of them can relate to.

Hire Multiple Speakers

If time and finances allow, you should consider hiring multiple speakers in order to engage a greater number of your students. If you can hire multiple speakers, you should make sure to hire two people who compliment each other and, together, reflect a wider portion of your student base.

If you are having difficulty finding motivational speakers for schools or deciding who to hire, a speaker agency can help you find an experienced speaker who will fit your needs and be interesting for your students. Hiring through an agency will give you a wider choice of speakers and the peace of mind that you are hiring an experienced speaker.