A Guide To Finding The Right Motivational Speaker To Speak At Your Business Conference

If you are hosting a conference for your employees and others in the same industry, you may want to have a motivational speaker come talk. Motivational speakers are great at getting their audiences jazzed up and ready to work -- and their speeches are fun to listen to, adding a bit of variety to the conference. However, not every motivational speaker has the right approach and right message for every industry. Follow this guide to choose the best motivational speaker for your unique business needs.

Consider their key message.

Most speakers have one or two talks that they repeat each time they are asked to speak at an event. Although you probably won't be able to proofread or hear the whole talk prior to hiring them, they should at least tell you what their key message is. Make sure that message is something that resonates with your conference attendees. For instance, if you are hosting a conference for bank employees, you would not want to hire a motivational speaker whose message is to do away with money! On the other hand, someone whose message is to be responsible with finances would fit right in.

Ask about fees.

You'd be surprised how much some motivational speakers charge. The best-known ones can charge thousands for a single speaking arrangement. For the average business conference, someone whose fee is a few hundred dollars is generally within the budget. Ask for prices up-front before you get your heart set on a certain speaker.

Be open to adventurous, life event-based speakers.

You don't have to choose someone whose talk focuses solely on your industry. In fact, your audience will be more interested if the talk is based on some life event that is different from what they experience every day. For example, someone who gives a talk about what they learned on a ski trip in Alaska could have a message that's relevant to your industry. The wilder the idea, the better the speaker will hold your audience's attention.

Make sure they're willing to mingle.

Since business conferences are generally networking events, try looking for a speaker who is happy to linger and personally interact with your attendees after their talk. Attendees will be excited to get to know the speaker and ask questions in person, which will make your conference really stand out. A speaker who just gives a talk and leaves is far less interesting!

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